How the Kiva Changed My Life
South Perspective from Crystal Pathfinder

The training provided me with many medicine tools that make it much easier for me to work with both my corporate and private clients as they encounter situations where they feel bogged down. The change facilitation methods I learned in the training are the most elegant I have encountered in 25 years of searching and attending workshops. The training placed me in touch with the world of nature and an oral tradition, which cut through many of my intellectual traps. I now have a variety of ways to plug into the natural force that underlies all things and this has made it possible for me to face more situations with greater ease and grace. During the training I was given many homework assignments that helped me experience how to nurture and let the universe nurture me. These experiences helped me rewrite the story of my life and taught me the power and necessity of providing clients with homework to put concepts into motion.

I highly recommend learning the medicine perspective and tools to anyone who coaches and counsels people. The training helped me breathe new energy into my life and work. I find myself getting more done with less effort because I'm not paddling my canoe upstream as often as I once was.

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