Story From the East Perspective
by Dreams Through Waters

In October 1977 I left the comfort of my beautiful country, Italy, my family and friends, in search of my identity. I remember the fear, the trepidation of stepping into the unknown, but the desire of discovering my full potential and being able to express it with joy instead of struggling was my determining love.

Many years of searching brought me to the 13th Moon Mystery School Kivas in Sandpoint, Idaho. At that time I was already practicing my inner gifts of artistic expression and healing through painting, massage therapy, and Reiki. My struggle was know that I was capable of much more, but I didn't posses enough self esteem to present it to the world.

Money and how to manifest it through doing what I loved was the tyrant I wanted to embrace.

It was an incredible journey. I felt like this beautiful, precious piece of marble gradually, patiently chipped away to discover my true self. At my graduation day, I knew I still had to polish and care for this piece of art, but I also knew I had all the support and tools that I would ever need.

Today I can proudly say I am a Métis Medicine Way Light worker. I integrate the Medicine in everything I do. I can definitely say I am successful in all areas of my life: as a mother, artist, healer, and significant partner. All I have to do now is allow the Medicine to work for me and enjoy the ride.

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