Eagle Woman Who Dances in the Light

My journey on a Medicine path began when all aspects of my life...career, family and faith fell apart. The institutions that served me and I had so dutifully engaged, no longer met my deepest inner needs. Those events brought me home to where I felt the deepest connection...nature and the Four Worlds of Grandmother Earth. In the 13th Moon Mystery School I had the opportunity to learn as the ancients who passed before me...through oral tradition, nature and direct experience. It pulled me far from my training as an “academic” educator. Old patterns of thinking and cycles of behaviors fell away. I broke a lifelong pattern of thinking and being with in the realm of institutions, particularly education. Learning is now about listening to my body knowing, my inner voice and wisdom. I see myself in my “essence” beyond the “rules and roles” that dominated my life. I have a greater trust in Great Spirit’s sacred laws (not man’s laws) and the flow of life. I now live my dream of living in the mountains on land that nurtures and supports me. Am I different? You bet! Am I glad...YES!

Exploring the great mystery of who I am, who I am becoming and my relationship with the Four Worlds of Grandmother Earth has been and is the greatest gift, journey and lifelong adventure ever!

Eagle Woman Who Dances in the Light - AKA Debra Porter, MA

Educator, Metis Medicine Way Teacher, Lightworker and Massage Therapist

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