What is the Métis Medicine Way?
The Métis Medicine Way offers teachings, traditions and ceremonies from all colors of people across the world. Métis is a French word meaning mixed blood. For most of us, we are all Métis. It is this mix that allows for the utilization of healing tools that bring balance to one's life. The Twisted Hairs Tradition lives on in the Métis Medicine Ways.

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What is the Twisted Hairs Tradition?

In ancient times, men and women traveled around Turtle Island, Mother Earth, and shared knowledge and wisdom ways. Recognized by their long braids, the "Twisted Hairs" challenged traditions and asked - does this ceremony meet the needs of the People? And new ceremonies were given to the People.

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What is a Mystery School?

A Mystery School is sacred container to seek, explore and learn the truth about who we really are and what we came here to do. A place to explore new possibilities for yourself and see the hidden portions of yourself.

A Mystery School is a place of deep spiritual and personal transformation and healing. It is a journey taken by those seeking the depths of life's mysteries. The process of unveiling the mystery that is YOU assists the enlightenment and evolution of the four worlds of Grandmother Earth.

Once knowledge contrary to the ruling paradigm was repressed and those who taught the Mysteries of Life were persecuted. The knowledge and teachers were driven underground. With the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, all Mystery School teachings were opened and the evolution of the World Wide Web has enabled these teaching to find more truthseekers, connect humanity in new ways. This was reinforced by the Harmonic Concordance and more Spirit Consciousness is now available to all humans.

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Why go to a Mystery School?

There are as many reasons to go to a Mystery School as there are individuals. While the commitment is significant, the results are world shaking. Thirteen moons later, when you have graduated, you will be astounded and joyous at how much you have grown, the things you have learned about yourself and right alignment with the four worlds, the depths and heights of your transformation. There may be no other time in your life, conception to death, when you will grow as much in the span of thirteen moons.

If you feel unsettled, that there is something missing from your life. If you feel an emptiness inside, if you feel disconnected from life around you. If you are searching for something but you don't know what it is - The 13 Healing Moons of The Great Turtle Mystery School can help you find your answers and take you out of your loneliness. It can help you learn what it is move with the Divine Flow, to Walk in Beauty, to take back your Power from all the places that you have given it away, to reestablish your connection to the Four Directions, the Four Worlds and to the sacred Life Force Energy.

If you allow yourself to receive...

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What happens in the Mystery School?

There are many tools and techniques you will learn in the Mystery School, but not all the time is spent in teaching circles. There is much joy and laughter along the way, this is a Sweet Medicine path. We seek to learn through pleasure, not pain. There are many ceremonies that you will learn and perform. You will grow closer to All That Is in truly magical ways. You will role-play and express hidden aspects of yourself. You will connect with your Animal Totems and hear with the ears of the cougar, see with the eyes of the elk. You will confront and learn to own parts of yourself that you have hidden. That which does not serve you will die in the Sweat Lodge ceremony. You will experience meditation and receive the teachings of Wheels and Keys of Wisdom. You will learn to heal others as you yourself are healed. You will be in a group, moving together with a sense of community and intimacy on a path of beauty and joy.

You CAN learn to receive more pleasure and beauty in your life everyday.

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When is it happening?

The 13 Moons of The Great Turtle Mystery School will take place during the weekend of each New Moon over a period of thirteen months. Each weekend or New Moon "Turtle" will begin on Friday and end on Sunday evening. Some weekends may include a Thursday. The dates of the Friday that each Turtle begins will be announced soon.

There is also a Ceremonial Week. More details on this will be revealed in the future.

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