Spring '07-Open Exchange magazine | Divine Intervention at 13 Healing Moons of the GTMS |

February '07 issue-Connection Magazine | A Journey into Life's Mysteries | Article

Summer/Fall '07 issue-Open Exchange magazine | Passion as a Catalyst Force|

My Sweat Lodge Story
-by Mountain StarLight and Rainbow Lightning Elk | Article


Dreams Through Waters [Read] 
The East place of "Spirit Directed" for illumination and enlightenment.
Spider Star Weaver [Read]

A Story of Death, Change, and Transformation – from the West of the Medicine Wheel in our Lineage

Crystal Pathfinder [Read]

"Bogged Down," from the South Perspective, the place of Energy in Motion, your emotions, trust and innocence.

Eagle Woman Who Dances In The Light [Read]

From the North perspective, 'Attitude Adjustment' and Sacred Dream comes alive with the
Butterfly Clan of North Idaho.

Mountain StarLight [Read] 

Center catalyst energies of sexual life force - learning through pain or pleasure.


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