A Story of Death, Change, and Transformation – from the West of the Medicine Wheel in our Lineage
by Marianne Spider Star Weaver Ober

According to Sun Bear’s Earth Astrology, I was born in the time of the Snake (known as Scorpio in Zodiac Astrology). Freeing myself from that which no longer serves me – as a snake sheds its skin – is critical for my development and evolution of self (physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, sexually). It is necessary to transmute my burdens into a higher vibration. For with every shedding, there is a new body, a new beginning.

A year before I began my journey through the 13 Healing Moons of the Great Turtle Mystery School, I experienced a profound loss. My brother, a Navy pilot, was among four men killed when the helicopter he was flying crashed during a routine flight. Upon hearing the news, my relationship with myself and the world changed. My heart became heavy, my spirit felt crushed. Everything and everyone appeared differently than before. During those first four seasons after his death, I remember feeling outside of my body each time I shared my story. Relating to myself and to others became a foreign and somewhat uncomfortable experience. How was I to re-create a self and family-identity without a brother? Upon beginning my Mystery School journey, even a year after his death, I was overwhelmed with grief – and certainly not “grounded” in my physical body.

Month after month many Mystery School teachers and fellow students supported me as I grieved – and grieved – and grieved. Through the Sweatlodge ceremony, I was able to let go of my loss. Pleiadian Lightwork guided me back into my physical body through psychic self-care and energy clearings. Shamanic ceremony, where nature is my teacher, reconnected me to the four worlds of Grandmother Earth, reflecting back to me my strengths and gifts. “Moondance” assignments awakened within me the Archetypes of the Lover, Magician, and Warrior. Each of my Moondances reflected what my spirit needed to evolve and transform self-limiting patterns and behaviors into a higher vibration and sense of self-actualization.

Shortly after my brother’s helicopter crash in July 2003, it was suggested during a lightwork counseling session that I pursue a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the helicopter. Overwhelmed with grief, I resisted. When I began my Mystery School in September 2004, I still had not pursued any kind of legal action. During my school, I was given a Warrior Moondance to research my brother’s helicopter crash and other accidents of the same kind of craft. From what I discovered, I was to determine what needed to be done, if anything – for the Warrior’s Way is of Honor. After extensive research, I decided to follow through with the guidance that came through in that lightwork session a year and a half earlier. I filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the helicopter to hold them accountable for their negligence. Through the process and ultimate success of this lawsuit, four years after the crash, I gained tremendous confidence in myself as a seeker of truth and justice.

Throughout those 13 healing moons, I deepened my connection to Great Spirit and to opportunities that come in aligning with my Higher Self and Purpose. I was able to gain true knowing that my brother is accessible anytime. He is certainly not “dead” – and perhaps more alive than ever. I know I am. It is impossible to accurately describe how expansively different my life is because of my journey through those 13 Moons. Within a circle of gifted teachers, healers, students, medicine brothers and sisters – through the endless mirrors of self-reflection – I gained remembrance of who I truly am. I continue to deepen my relationship with these Métis Medicine Ways, as Spider Star Weaver. I am grateful.

To All My Relations.

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